Innovative Solutions for Rural Healthcare Patients

June 23, 2021 9:40 PM
1 min. read

If the clothing tag “one size fits all” causes most to chuckle or roll their eyes, why do we expect a cookie cutter healthcare mold to fit communities of all shapes and sizes? This outdated approach simply does not work. Rural healthcare requires custom solutions developed in response to the needs voiced by community members.

For more than a decade, ARHP has strategically aligned with community members, key stakeholders, traditional and non-traditional partners, and funders to blaze new, innovative paths together. Often, one project uncovers the next missing link, which then becomes the newestARHP service or program. In this way, the path forward is ever so carefully and strategically paved.

In the past year, ARHP has challenged the resigned fate of the status quo response, “this is just the way rural healthcare is going to be.” Instead, our organization has played a critical role in providing education and advocacy on the assets, opportunities, collaboration, and innovation possible within the rural context at the regional, state, and national level. At the end of the day, we firmly believe that the heart of rural healthcare transformation begins and ends in rural.

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