Pink Ladies Lend a Hand to ARHP Member Hospitals

June 16, 2021 10:25 AM
2 min. read

If you visit one of the many rural hospitals throughout south Arkansas, you will likely be either welcomed to the hospital, or helped in some way by a lady (or ladies) wearing a pink lab coat. Their kind hearts and calming voices are seemingly always there when you need them and have been around for nearly 60 years. But who are they? 

Arkansas Hospital Auxiliary Association's “Pink Ladies” are a group of volunteers of mostly senior citizens who dedicate their time and talents to supporting the communities in which they live.

In many hospitals throughout rural Arkansas, the Pink Ladies provide important services for hospital staff such as helping transfer patients between departments. They also work at the information desk and provide information to visitors; a service that helps staff focus on providing quality healthcare.

You can often find these ladies assisting hospital visitors at the gift shop. Many of the volunteers sell homemade items in the very gift shops in which they work. Much of the money they make from the sale of these items are donated back to the hospital in some way. At some hospitals, money they raise goes toward items like new lunch trays and dinnerware. At others, money raised goes towards important hospital equipment. Other branches have even given the proceeds to help aspiring nurses go to nursing school.

In many ways, this group of volunteers are the heart of every hospital and community they serve. They volunteer their time and talents to help keep rural hospitals going.

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