Who We Are

Our Board

The Arkansas Rural Health Partnership's Board of Directors is made up entirely of CEOs from 13 member hospitals working together within our partnership.

Arkansas Rural Health Partnership (ARHP) was founded by a handful of rural hospital leaders who knew the significance and stabilizing force of home, community, and healthcare.

These leaders understood that they were not in competition with one another and that maybe if we learned what each was doing and how we could work together to build needed healthcare resources regionally, we might have a chance at surviving. Each hospital alone could not possibly provide all the healthcare needs of the community, so why not try and open up communication to provide the best care right at home.


Working Together For a Healthier Arkansas

Our members recognized early on that if they wanted to continue to shape the health, wellness, and lives of their communities, they had to work together—hand-in-hand with local leaders, other rural healthcare providers, state and federal partners, and community members themselves - to truly address the needs of rural Arkansas residents.

Our Members


Brian Thomas
CEO, Jefferson Regional
Brian Miller
CEO, Dewitt Hospital & Nursing Home
Vice President
Scott Barrilleaux
CEO, Drew Memorial Health System

Members of the Board

Bob Moore
Interim CEO, Progressive Health of Helena
Member of the Board
Brett Kinman
CEO, Magnolia Regional Medical Center
Member of the Board
David Mantz
CEO, Dallas County Medical Center
Member of the Board
Jeremy Capps
CEO, Delta Memorial Hospital
Member of the Board
John Heard
CEO, Chicot Memorial Medical Center
Member of the Board
Kevin Storey
President, Baptist Health Medical Center - Stuttgart & Heber Springs
Member of the Board
Leslie Huitt
CEO, Bradley County Medical Center
Member of the Board
Monica Lindley
CEO, Mid-Delta Health Systems
Member of the Board
Peggy Abbott
CEO, Ouachita County Medical Center
Member of the Board
Phillip Gilmore
CEO, Ashley County Medical Center
Member of the Board
Terry Amstutz
CEO, McGehee Hospital
Member of the Board

Additional Members

Allan Nichols
CEO, Mainline Health Systems
Danna Taylor
Interim President, South Arkansas Regional Hospital
Additional Member
Gary Paxson
CEO, White River Health
Additional Member
Harrison Reed
Assoc. Vice Chancellor - Clinical Strategy, UAMS/UAMS Health
John Ballard
CEO, Forrest City Medical Center
Lori House
CEO, Sevier County Medical Center
Shane Speights, DO
Campus Dean, NYITCOM at Arkansas State University
Sherry Turner, DO, MPH
Associate Dean of GME & DIO Professor, Agency Medicine at ARCOM