Community Empowerment & Education

Mental & Behavioral Health Task Force
ARHP created the first regional Mental and Behavioral Task Force in Arkansas, bringing together community members and professionals to focus on improving infrastructure and service delivery related to mental health and substance abuse.
Rural Communities Opioid Response Planning Consortium
The Arkansas Delta RCORP Planning Consortium is comprised of local and state stakeholders currently involved with addressing the opioid epidemic. The task force currently has workgroups to assist with a gap analysis for the region and address specific needs for the region including detailed analysis, workforce, capital infrastructure, strategic planning, and sustainability.
Community Education Initiatives
  • Mental Health First Aid - Adult
  • Mental Health First Aid - Youth
  • Mental Health First Aid - Teen
  • Opioid Use Disorder Education & Outreach

Opioid Video

The Arkansas Delta Rural Health Opioid Project video created by the organization went viral throughout the state, receiving over 2,000 hits since its posting in late August 2018. The video was shown by nursing and medical schools across the state and highlighted by HRSA at a national grantee meeting. As a result, the number of MAT providers in the region grew from 1 to 4 over the past year. The video is also spurring policy change and new collaborative efforts with partners at a regional, state, and national level.

View the video

Simply because of where they live, rural Americans often lack access to critical healthcare services. The Arkansas Rural Health Partnership is a leader in facilitating healthcare delivery to vulnerable populations in Arkansas by providing needed services that address their unique challenges. I applaud their tireless work to ensure the highest possible quality of life for Arkansans.

- Congressman Rick Crawford, AR-01