Patient Support Services

  • Mental Health Assessments in the Emergency Departments and Clinics
  • Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) Counseling in the Clinics
  • Patient Assistance Services
  • Diabetes Education

Patient Assistance Numbers

Prescription Assistance
  • Number of people receiving prescription assistance: 1,264
  • Money saved through prescription assistance: $1,597, 225

Diabetes Education

  • Total number of patients impacted through Diabetes education: 406 persons
  • Diabetes Prevention: 111
  • Diabetes Education Empowerment Program: 21
  • Diabetes Self-Management Education: 274

Promoting Healthy Behaviors/Obesity Prevention

  • Number of individuals attending healthy cooking demonstrations: 58
  • Number of people participating in community outreach program (obesity prevention & promoting healthy behaviors) preventing obesity and promoting healthy behaviors: 1,377

Community Grants

  • Number of people assisted through ArCOP Community Grant awards: 11,096
  • Monetary total: $50,000 awarded

Health Insurance & Benefits Enrollment

  • Number enrolled in insurance & Medicare enrollment: 437

30-Day Hospital Readmissions

  • Within 30-day hospital readmission period, post-discharge, follow-up and assistance was provided to 4,065 patients

Breast Health

  • Number of breast health screenings & diagnostic tests provided: 614 (243 screenings, 346 diagnostic tests, 25 biopsies)
  • Number of individuals provided with patient navigation & education related to breast health & cancer screenings: 1,000

“I am so excited to have a diabetes education program close to where I live. There is really a great need here. With the knowledge I have learned from their program, I have been able to get my blood glucose numbers under control and am feeling great. I tell all my friends with diabetes to...sign up for the classes.”

- Mary Ford, Diabetes Education Program
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