Health Education for
Local Providers


An innovative program designed to deliver distance health learning opportunities to healthcare providers through interactive video and web-based materials that welcomes interdisciplinary participation and pursuit of continuing education specific to needs associated with practicing healthcare in the Delta. 



Resources & Downloads


Chronic Disease Education

Provides accredited continuing education accessed via tele health, targeting education on obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Breast Health Education

Provides training to teach clinical breast exams to healthcare providers in participating hospitals, clinics, community health centers and health departments. 


Provides diabetes self-management training to healthcare providers in hospitals, clinics, community health centers and health departments. Trained personnel will be certified to provide diabetes self-management classes for their organization.

OB Simulation Training

Provides on-site training of rural hospital teams preparing them for OB emergency situations including postpartum hemmorhage, eclamptic seizure, breech presentation and other OB complications. 

Cancer Education

Provides free cancer continuing education to personnel in participating hospitals, clinics, community health centers, health departments and pharmacies.  

Health Literacy Education

Provides free health literacy continuing education via tele health, as well as provides healthcare workers with posters and tools to assist them with health literacy.

Stroke Education

Provides free continuing education on the signs and treatments of a stroke patient and information on accessing the AR SAVES program if a stroke patient arrives in the emergency room.